The canvas prices include a coordinating ribbon hanger and customization with a name or short phrase.  The sides will be painted, so no framing will be needed.  These are a few of the more common canvas sizes and their prices, however, I can make a canvas in any size.  Feel free to email me to inquire about custom sizes and prices.
If you would like a "ribbon hanging" added to your painting please let me know.  You can specify a color or pattern that you would like. Please also let me know if it is for a girl or a boy. I make an actual bow for a girl and I make a knot for a boy. I can also make the knot for a girl as well. It is up to you. The ends of my ribbon are treated to prevent fraying.  It can be tucked under from the back if you decide later on you do not want to use it anymore or you can cut it off.

Set of Six Custom Cards
Set of Six matching Mini Magnets
one large magnet

"Date Night" Jar
“I’m bored” jar
“Dinner conversation” jars
Panels *without* ribbon up to 9x12 

Panels up to 9x12
Word / Letter Blocks up to 10 blocks

 Long narrow wooden signs

Hair Bow Art Hangers up to 11x14

Hair Bow Art Hangers 8x16 or 12x12


personalized Growth Charts
Stork Sign Rental (Two days)

Customized stork sign rental for one full week


Fun Fonts!

Do you have a favorite font you would like to request for your custom creation?

Here is are a few of my favorite sites:
Choose any font you like!

I get the cutest handwriting fonts at Fonts for Peas! get the cutest scrapbooking fonts at Free Scrapbook Fonts! Frog Fonts


Custom Children's Blocks

These are from Christmas obviously, but you can choose characters from any story, fairy tale, nursery rhyme, or generic people.  The blocks can be painted any color choice as well.  My children LOVE these blocks!  Great unique gift idea for parties!!!

Our Date Jar

This past December, my husband and I celebrated our 10th anniversary!
As a gift, I presented him with a "date jar" was so much fun creating.

In the jar includes 52 slips of colored paper each containing one great date night idea. Most of them are super cheap or free dates, only a few require big bucks. Now all hubby has to do is draw a slip of paper out of the jar each week~ no stress of planning for him anymore.

I would be happy to create one for you too! Pick 5 favorite colors for your date nights and color of ribbon. I can email you the list of dates if you can personalize yours too, of course!

Inspired and Inspiring