Want to throw an amazingly fun and unique party without the hassle of all the planning?

How about a My Bella Sweets decorating party?!
  • Option #1-The Cookie Party Includes 3, already baked sugar cookies per child, shapes and colors to match the theme of the party.  Kids decorate these with fondant icing, our very own sugar playdoh.  We will provide different size cutters, stamps, edible embellishments, glitter and markers to let kids be creative. Kids can eat some and take home the rest in cute cellophane wrapping as party favors and impress their family and friends.  $25 per child 
  • Option #2- The Cupcake Party Includes 3, already baked cupcakes per child, flavor of your choice.  Kids decorate these with buttercream, fondant icing, sprinkles and different edible embellishments. Kids can eat some and take home the rest as party favors to share with their family, a box will be provided for every child.  $25 per child  
  • Option #3- The Painting Party   
    Includes one 5x7 canvas panel per child, paints and brushes will be provided.  Kids decorate it with acrylic paints, and experiment with fun painting techniques…like splatter paint with a toothbrush!  Kids take it home and show off their masterpiece!  Makes an awesome party favor!  $25 per child

    Additional Information:
    - Everything is customized to match the theme and colors of your party. 

    - Extra cookies and cupcakes can be added at an additional cost.

    - Parties are appropriate for boys or girls, age recommended is 5 - 99.  

    -Duration is between 1.5 - 2 hours depending on how many guests and age range.

    -Everything is provided.  All that is needed is a sturdy table for the kids to have a space to decorate. 

    - Final head count is needed at least 1 week before party, required is a minimum of 6 children.  

    - My Bella Sweets can not be held accountable for allergic reactions, you will be responsible for all guests.    

    - Our packages are not limited to birthday parties!
     Please ask about adding the perfect, already decorated Custom Birthday Cake for your party; remember all decorated goodies are the party favors.

Here are some pictures of a cake decorating class for a group of girls in our homeschool group: