Easter Bouquet Oreo Truffle Pops

I LOVE to do custom orders!!!  I love hearing the customers ideas and passions.  And what is fun is I get to take what their idea is, and make it happen!  Look what fun I have been up to for some college gals surprise easter baskets!!!
I have had many people ask me lately, "What is a cake pop anyway???"
A cake pop is cake crumbled up and mixed together with icing, rolled into a ball (or whatever shape you want), add a lollipop stick, dipped in candy coating, then decorated with sprinkles or designs. 
It can be any flavor, any theme/color scheme.  Bakerella has made them famous...
They can be also be served as cake bites...same thing but without the lollipop stick.

My absolute favorite flavor isn't a cake at all!
It's crushed oreos mixed with cream cheese!  AKA Oreo Truffles...Look at how moist it is!
Best and worst part of my job...the "mistakes" I get to eat! for my diet....

My Bella Sweets

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