If you are what you eat...then I am sweet!!!

Y'all, I have been up to my ears in paint all this week gettting ready for the farmer's market this Saturday.
But I thought I would take a quick (HA!) break from all the creating and painting and browse online to find some inspiration for some awesome sweets to feature this Saturday...oo-la-la...look what I have found...I will have sweet dreams for sure tonight!  I adore the cupcake bouquets and cake pops!!!

My Bella Sweets


Coming soon!!!

Starting in April, every Saturday, My Bella Sweets will be out at the Farmer's Market! We will have so much fun for the kiddos so you can shop with ease! A special balloon artist will be there to wow them, sidewalk chalk will be out for them to make their own creations, plus we will have a $10 special on Children's Hand or Foot Print canvases that you can take home with you that day!!! (Think ... Unique Spring Decor or a one of a kind present for Easter or Mother's Day!)

Here are some fun ideas from the web:


Georgia Tech Custom Order

Here's a custom order for a customer's husband's birthday present.  
Georgia Tech Fans!

Customized Border picked out by customer:
Ribbon Hanger for a male can be made into knot instead of  loopy bow:

The ribbon can be tucked behind canvas for a different look: