When it pours!

Well, after two full days of baking and decorating, I checked the weather for tomorrow and  it looks like its going to storm all day with 20 miles per hour that's a no go for me to go out the market. :( 
...I am so bummed about missing tomorrow at the market. 
Not only that, but I am starting to feel real bad...maybe sampling a bit too much cake batter?  Eghhh...
I don't want to be sick on my birthday...hopefully I will feel better tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow...I have all these sweets and no where to sell them, so...

Free deliveries all day long, sweets boxed and delivered to your door with a smile!!!

Cupcake Flavors:
  • Delicious Pound Cake with Whipped Vanilla Buttercream topped rainbow sprinkles and a cherry or Easter color sprinkles and a Bunny Marshmallow
  • Vabulous Chocolate Vegan with Chocolate "Buttercream" topped with rich organic dark chocolate shavings
$12.00 your choice of:
One Dozen Cupcakes or,
One Dozen Cake Bites or Oreo Truffles or,
Two Dozen Minis

$6.00 your choice of:
Half Dozen Minis or,
Half Dozen Cake Pops/Cake Bites or Oreo Truffles or,
One Dozen Strawberry Marshmallow Pops


My Bella Sweets

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